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Recent research suggests allergies and recurrent colds & pneumonia caused by allergies may be linked

Is there a link between allergies and recurrent colds, or allergies and susceptibility to colds? How about pneumonia caused by allergies? Recent research has shown that all of the above may very well be true.

Most folks tend to believe they have a cold simply because they do not feel good. Cold symptoms will usually disappear within a week or slightly longer while allergy symptoms can drag on for months or more depending on the duration of ones exposure to the offending allergens.

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For example, the symptoms of allergic rhinitis vary only slightly from those of the common cold, including itchy nose and throat, mild headache, watery eyes, and sneezing all accompanied by a clear nasal drip. While swollen glands and/or a temperature most likely indicate a cold and are not generally associated with an allergic reaction.

If an allergy is not treated properly either by removal of the allergen or with medication, the environment is ripe for the breeding of bacteria responsible for the common cold. These bugs quickly multiply in the mucus and swollen tissues of the allergy sufferer.

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The elderly are especially vulnerable to allergies and recurrent colds, and even pneumonia due to their weakened immune system. Pneumonia caused by allergies is identical to that in others only potentially much worse for asthma and allergy sufferers. Compounding this is the fact the immune system is so occupied at combating the allergens that it is slow to react to the multiplying bacteria. Reduce your susceptibility to colds with a high performance air filter system by LifeTime.

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