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What mold look like with pictures of common household mold

Active mold is fuzzy, velvety, or slimy and is a orange, green, black, brown, pink or purple in color. Inactive molds are dry and powdery and generally white in color. Mold is a microorganism and can grow on anything given enough moisture and can be found just about anywhere. Mold is spread via spores on the air currents, the people and/or the pets. Mold spores can be present without visible mold appearing anywhere in the building.

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Pictures of different types of common household mold:

Mold Spores

Mold spores

Kitchen Sink Mold

Under kitchen sink

Attic Mold

In a attic

Mold in Air Duct

In an air duct

Wall Mold

In the wall

Ceiling Mold

On the ceiling

Bathroom Mold

In a bathroom

Corner Mold

In a basement corner

Closet Mold

In a closet

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Additional resources on what mold looks like: What does mold look like? Where will you find mold? What does mold look like? The following are some pictures (from US EPA) of mold growing on various materials... Recently many people have questions about mold. Questions such as; what is black mold and what does black mold look like?

Mold in the news if available:

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