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Lifetime electrostatic HAVC filter replacements are permanent, washable and backed by a lifetime warranty

We no longer represent LifeTime Electronic Filters after over 2 decades.
With 2 orders pending shipment we were notified they increased their minimum order to $250!
Obviusly that makes supplying to the general population a definate no go...

Your lungs filter two gallons of air every minute...
Indoor air containing allergens, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pollutants!

Our Lifetime electrostatic HAVC replacement filters are designed to be:

The problems associated with poor indoor air quality are well documented, but you may be surprised to learn how simplistic and cost-effective the solution can be through understanding the role that electrostatic air filtration can play

The importance of proper indoor air filtration:

   Indoor air filtration is your first line of defense in achieving good health, but is often overlooked. This is reflected in the minimal provision for air filtration in the design of our heating and air conditioning equipment and a legacy of indoor air quality issues. The most efficient way to filter your indoor air is through your forced air heating and air conditioning filtration system. Your furnace filters are built into the return air ductwork, trapping airborne dust particulate as air passes through the filter material. Forced air (HVAC) systems are passive; as long as the fan is running, they are constantly filtering all the air in your home.

Electrostatic air filters versus replacement fiberglass furnace filters:

   The most common type of replacement furnace filter is the inexpensive paper or fiberglass filter that slides into your heating and air conditioning ductwork. A fiberglass air filter will only trap enough of the larger particulate out of the air to keep your heating and air conditioning equipment from clogging up, but do very little to increase the quality of your indoor air. Electrostatic furnace filters are at the top of the list (just under the expensive HEPA indoor air purification systems) in effectiveness when it comes to removing allergens and other harmful pollutants from all of your indoor air.

   Not only does the Lifetime electrostatic furnace filters help with the air quality in our buildings, they can also effectively cut dusting by as much as 50% and cut your energy bill by almost 15%, carpets, draperies, walls, windows and upholstery will stay cleaner longer.

What makes the electrostatic air filters so much more efficient?

   As the air passes through the Lifetime electrostatic air filter it produces friction that creates a natural electrostatic charge between the honeycomb pattern of polypropylene and the layers of bonded polyester fibers in our replacement furnace filters. The electrostatic charge attracts minuet household dust particles to our Lifetime electrostatic furnace filters like a magnet. These dust particles consist of irritants and allergens such as bacteria, dust mites, pollen, fabric lint, plant & mold spores, human & pet dander, tobacco smoke, etcetera.

Our electrostatic furnace filters are backed by a "Lifetime" warranty

   The Lifetime electrostatic air filters are constructed to the highest quality and consist of a sturdy aluminum frame, exterior aluminum mesh sandwiching two layers of woven mono-filament over another two layers of bonded polyester. As dust laden with bacteria, mites, pollen, lint, spores, dander, tobacco smoke and other airborne particles passes through the first two layers, an electrostatic charge occurs, which forces the airborne particulate to collect on the other side. The Lifetime electrostatic replacement furnace filters are also extremely easy to clean by simply back flushing with water.