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Lifetime electrostatic HAVC filter replacements are permanent, washable and backed by a lifetime warranty

LifeTime electrostatic air filters are designed to improve indoor air quality dramatically

The Enviormental Protection Agency now claims our indoor air is up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. The newer, high-energy efficient homes and buildings are designed to keep the interior insulated from exterior temperature extremes reducing our energy expenses. The results being lower energy bills but much greater health care costs creating the need for a high “performance air filter system” for our homes and office buildings.

The LifeTime electrostatic air filter removes 97% of allergens from our indoor air

Allergies are on the rise with a full 40% of the US population affected and spending an estimated 4 billion a year on additional health care. The EPA views our indoor air quality as critical and more people are realizing the need for a high performance air filter system for our offices and homes. One recent study in London estimated just by breathing the smoggy air, the peoples lifespan was cut by a full ten years. Combine that with the fact the EPA claims indoor air is up to five times as polluted as our outdoor air!

Studies indicate over 50% of our body’s energy is derived from the air we breathe. Since Americans, on average, spend 90% of their time indoors it is no wonder that more and more people are complaining of “chronic fatigue syndrome”. Most researchers agree on the definition of chronic fatigue syndrome being a reduction in activity of 50% and continuing more than six months. This fits perfectly with the reduction in energy from breathing our indoor air.

LifeTime electrostatic filters are made in the USA and backed by a LifeTime warranty

The LifeTime electrostatic performance air filter system works by trapping large particles on the outside layer while capturing minute substances inside the filter by a static electric charged medium. Substances consisting of allergens and irritants like dust, dust mite particulate, pollen, spores, pet dander, bacteria, and tobacco smoke. Please see our efficiency chart for detailed information.
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