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Air Purification and Allergy Relief

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental risks to public health. Indoor pollutants may include dust collected in the house, pollen and pet dander particles, tobacco smoke, unseen fumes released by chemical-based cleansers & detergents and gases that are emitted from synthetic building materials. These in turn, give rise to various ailments like headache, fatigue, and irritation in the eyes, nose and throat, apart from a number of allergic conditions harmful for the body. Air purification is the keyword in today’s polluted atmosphere.

Shingle Virus

Shingles (Herpes Zoster) is a painful, localized nerve infection caused by shingles virus (VZV) that causes chicken pox. The shingles virus remains dormant within the nerves for a considerable period of time and becomes active when the immune system becomes debilitated. The virus is contagious till the blisters have dried and spread by direct contact or by touching any dressing or clothes soiled with the discharge. Invariably, shingles is the reappearance of VZV infection in a person who had a previous VZV and has somehow lost the immune capacity to combat the virus. Since most viral infections are airborne, air purifiers that kill the offending virus within the premises may control spreading of the virus. Shingles appear frequently in persons receiving radiation or people who have suffered severe trauma, in those suffering from other infections.

Managing Allergies vis-à-vis role of Air Purifier

Managing allergies usually involve balancing two issues…

1) Controlling the allergy symptoms through ethical products or alternative remedies and; 
2) Keeping away from substances to which people are allergic.

Air purifiers come under the second category. “Fifty percent of all illness is caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air”, says the American College of Allergists. “Indoor air represents one of the most important problems based on an estimated population risk”, reiterates another public authority. The statements could not be truer.

As the population gets older and the chance of respiratory problems increase, the need for better air also increases and for those with allergies, it is a must. Incidentally, Hay fever affects more than 40% of Americans and is the most chronic illness for children. Then, chronic allergies are forerunners of asthma that is affecting a huge population of North America today. But imagine, how effortlessly these problems could have been solved by installing an air purifier to keep the inside air clean and pollen-free. With this in mind, air purifiers (not air conditioners) may be an invaluable addition to other strategies taken to guard against allergies. This is particularly noteworthy when the outside air is full of pollen or other irritants.

Selecting an Air purifier

To decide on an air purifying devise could be exasperating. Some air purifiers will take care of the air inside the entire home while others will deal with the quality of air in a room or a limited area. Some are good in killing the mold and other ‘living’ allergens yet some other brand may focus on the ‘removal’ of particles. So, depending on the severity of the allergens and the limits of the budget, one may call the dealer and close the deal.


Air purification is the first step you can take to relieve yourself from allergies. Allergies are also caused by virus attacks, but you do not have complete control over them. But you can control the air you breathe, at least in your home. Air purification will enable you to attain this control.
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