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Air purification system article from LifeTime electrostatic air filters

What do you know about the indoor air in your home? Most people are unaware that the oxygen flowing throughout their homestead is much filthier than what's outdoors. Yes indeed, we're all breathing a load of stale, recycled air at the rate of 2 gallons per minute. This is why you should acquire some sort of air purification system. No one wants to breathe in filth all night long. It can take a toll on your lungs. We've all seen the high priced air purification systems advertised on television, but now days you can purchase these nifty little innovations for a great deal less. Everyone can afford an air purification system if they shop in the right place and an electrostatic air filter in your forced air system could very well be all that is needed?

Start with your forced air system filter, install a LifeTime Electrostatic Air Filter

A few years back, an air purification system traveling salesman came a knocking at my door. I wasn't too pleased to see the guy, but I decided to hear his spiel. The problem with these folks is they always lie about how long it takes. Therefore, here's a heads up; 30 minutes to an hour is probably more like 3-4 hours. I have dealt with three different air purification system salesmen and this is what I always encounter. Regardless of the ridiculously long spiel, the product this particular gentleman was selling seemed worth while. It was a EcoQuest air purification system. Of course I wanted to know how it would benefit me right off the bat. He basically explained how dust mites and dead skin are constantly floating about our homes (filtered 100% by LifeTime Electrostatic Air Filters). These things are simply inevitable. People shed skin and dust always shows up. Now this can be much worse if you have pets in your home. You'd better tack on loads of cat dander. Regardless of all this airborne debris, the air purification system helps to vanquish it. The machine basically pulls dirty air in and sends it back out through a filter. Which is exactly what your forced air system is all ready accomplishing. Well, it is certainly one way to improve your home's atmosphere. Now, back to my salesman. This guy hit me with some absurd amount for his air purification system. It was like over a grand. Give me a break. The words Kirby vacuums suddenly resonated through my head. In the end I talked him down to 500 bucks, which I think is plenty.

If you are striving to clean up your home as you should be, I suggest a quality indoor air filter first as a very affordable first step in indoor air purification. The fact is we can't leave our homes open at all times, so the filthy air needs to be dealt with somehow. If you are convinced you need a separate air purification system you can find a decent air purification system via the Internet. These days there are many to choose from.
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