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Information and resources on Asthma treatments by LifeTime electrostatic air filters

Asthma can be very debilitating for adults and children who are not being medically managed properly. Asthma treatment has progressed immensely throughout the past few decades, but according to online asthma resources, over 500,000 people are hospitalized every year and 4,000 die. A medical asthma treatment must be individualized for the patient according to age and severity of symptoms. Asthma can be hereditary, but can also result due to exposure to allergens and various environmental chemical triggers that enter into the respiratory system, and cause constriction of the bronchiole airways and excessive production of mucous. One very good first approach is to use a high quality indoor air purification filter, for forced air system, to remove the allergens form the air you are breathing. Asthma attacks can also be triggered by a anxiety and stress as well, or even excessive laughing, and symptoms usually become worse with respiratory infections or during exercise. Shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing, waking during the night from coughing, and chest tightness are cardinal symptoms that signal an asthma attack is imminent, and will progress if symptoms are not treated immediately.

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There are many different types of asthma treatments available, both over-the-counter medications and those prescribed by a physician. For cases of mild or intermittent asthma, over-the-counter-bronchodilators may be all that is needed. Moderate to severe cases usually require asthma treatment that consists of an inhaled corticosteroids for long-term treatment and prevention of symptoms. These medications decrease inflammation in the lungs and decrease sensitivity to irritants. A short or long acting bronchodilator is prescribed for immediate relief of symptoms should an asthma attack occur, and many asthma treatments use a combination of therapies. Immunotherapy may also be an option for children and/or adults whose asthma is cause primarily by allergies. Immunotherapy is a very effective asthma treatment for acute cases that works by exposing the patient to increasing amounts of specific allergens over a period of a few years reducing and/or eliminating symptoms altogether.

Asthma sufferers should consult their physician if symptoms are not controlled by proper air filtration and over-the-counter asthma treatments. If rescue inhalers are being used frequently, either over-the-counter or prescribed medications, then asthma is not controlled and a change in asthma treatment is in order. Adults and children with asthma should not have to limit activity or exercise, on the contrary, people with asthma should be encouraged to exercise regularly to strengthen the heart and lungs. When asthma is under control, rescue inhalers are not needed and symptoms do not occur, even during exercise. There are many resources regarding various asthma treatments available online and from your physician, as well as from asthma and allergy centers across the nation. The first step for you and your family to breathe easy, is proper indoor air filtration, medications should always be avoided when not needed for any affliction!
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