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Lifetime electrostatic HAVC filter replacements are permanent, washable and backed by a lifetime warranty

Fiber glass filter versus the LifeTime electrostatic air filter, made in America and backed by a LifeTime warranty

Fiberglass filters are not designed to improve air quality:

Fiberglass filters are designed to protect your heating and cooling equipment only and not to improve your homes air quality. People breath, on the average, two gallons of air every minute, air that contains allergens, viruses, bacteria, and many other harmful pollutants. The LifeTime electrostatic air filter is designed to remove up to 100% of these harmful substances in our homes air. Please view our contaminants table for a complete breakdown on the efficiency of our electronic air filter.

Fiberglass filter vs. the LifeTime electrostatic air filter:

Fiberglass filters are made for one reason only and that is to protect your heating and cooling systems from damage caused by large particulate air pollution present in our homes. The LifeTime electrostatic air filter creates a natural static charge (friction) between the honeycomb pattern of polypropylene and the bonded polyester fiber in the air filter. The static charge produced attracts even minute particulate to the our LifeTime electrostatic air filter like a magnet. The particles in our homes that create the most health hazards are irritants such as dander (human and pet), dust, dust mites, bacteria, algae spores, and others.

LifeTime Electrostatic Air Filters backed by our lifetime warranty:

Any defects in materials or workmanship fully covered. Rough handling, improper cleaning and excessive heat exposure (210 degrees F or above) are not covered. Complete wording available on our LifeTime filter warranty page.

No warranty on fiberglass air filters:

Fiber glass filters are not designed to improve your indoor air quality and do not carry any type of warranty, is disposable and requires replacement every 30 days.
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