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Lifetime electrostatic HAVC filter replacements are permanent, washable and backed by a lifetime warranty

Our Customers Frequently Asked Questions On Our Lifetime Electrostatic HAVC Filters

Does the LifeTime electrostatic filter help allergy sufferers?

Greatly, our LifeTime filter removes up to 97% of typical household airborne contaminants such as algae spores, bacteria, fabric lint, human and pet dander, plant spores, mold spores, pollen, tobacco smoke, dust and dust mites.

Does the LifeTime electrostatic filter make noise?

Our electrostatic air filters works silently while your system is running and air is moving through the electrostatic charged air filter material.

How long does the LifeTime electrostatic filters last?

For a lifetime with proper maintenance, backed by our LifeTime warranty.

Does the LifeTime electrostatic filter plug in or need batteries?

Our electrostatic air filters are "self charging"; no electricity or batteries are needed. The LifeTime creates its own static charge as the air moves through the electrostatic filter material.

What happens to the dirt, dust mites and pet dander etcetera?

The dirt, dust mites, pet dander etcetera is trapped inside the LifeTime medium, you simply wash it away with water (back-flush).

Do I need to do anything to my HAVC forced air system?

No! The LifeTime Filters simply replaces the disposable paper filters you are now using.

How often do I clean my LifeTime electrostatic filter?

Once every 30 days without fail, even if it looks clean, the debris is trapped inside the electrostatic material. A clean filter can remove more dust and airborne particulate electronically.

What tools are needed to install the LifeTime electrostatic filter?

No tools, anyone can install a LifeTime filter the same as you would a paper filter.

Does the LifeTime electrostatic filter benefit the environment?

Greatly, you will never throw away cheap paper filters again.
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