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Lifetime electrostatic HAVC filter replacements are permanent, washable and backed by a lifetime warranty

We no longer represent LifeTime Electronic Filters after over 2 decades.
With 2 orders pending shipment we were notified they increased their minimum order to $250!
Obviusly that makes supplying to the general population a definate no go...

Unsolicited Customer Testimonials Of Our Lifetime Electrostatic HAVC Replacement Filters

Your company manufactures a very unique product It is unusual today to find a product that enhances ones health, saves money, saves energy, minimizes clean up, is affordable, and is manufactured to high quality standards!

Before the LifeTime electrostatic filters, we would have terrible adverse reactions to the Houston airborne allergens. Since the installation of the LifeTime electrostatic filters, those reactions have been minimized. We sleep more restfully all night long and do not sneeze all day!

My electric bill used to range between $90 and $400 through the year. Since the installation of the LifeTime Filters, that bill has dipped to $78 and maximized at $368. That is a significant contribution to energy conservation!

We used to have to dust our house almost daily. My wife would continually find accumulations of latent dust the day after she had scoured our house. Since the installation of your electrostatic air filters, we must dust only weekly. She loves it!

Your product has paid for itself in the diminished work we must expend to keep the house clean, as well as the reduction in our energy bills. Your LifeTime electrostatic filters seem to be ruggedly manufactured for years of service.

I am using the LifeTime electrostatic air filters in my current home and intend to install them in my next one! I commend you and your crew for being an American company making an American product that we can all be proud of!

Ronald in Texas

We ordered a Lifetime Filter and installed it about a month and a half ago. Since then I have dusted my furniture only four times, before the electrostatic filter I had to dust two or three times a week. We have a ceiling fan that is running about 14 hours a day, every day, the edge of the blades have clusters of dust bunnies within two or three days, with the Lifetime electrostatic filter, I have dusted the fan only three times in six weeks.

My husband has bronchial asthma and was on medication and an inhaler, since the electrostatic air filter his doctor cut his medication down to one tablet a day instead of three and he uses his inhaler as he needs it, once or twice a day with a much less powerful medication.

We could not believe the change in the air, it was noticeable within hours of installing your electrostatic air filter!

We have an oil furnace and live on a hill above a very busy four lane street so the dust is constant but thanks to your products we don't have much of a problem anymore.

Hope this is not too long but want to thank you for the honest advertisement of your LifeTime electrostatic air filters.

Mr. and Mrs. Whelpley in Washington state

Thanks for your excellent service. The electrostatic air filters are great and all three stores are dust free. The LifeTime filters are also very easy to clean and maintain. I will contact you once we build another store, and again thank you for the great service!

Darrell in Tennessee

Thank you so much for the LifeTime electrostatic air filter. It is working beautifully and I really can tell a difference in my air quality. I am now a walking advertisement for your LifeTime electrostatic air filters.

Pattie in Texas

I called LifeTime electrostatic filters today to inquire about a replacement for a 16 X 20 filter I had purchased over ten years ago. It does a great job compared to my other air conditioning filter in which I use paper filters. My wife recently ran over our LifeTime electrostatic filter with her car after I had cleaned it and it was drying on the garage floor, so the need for replacement has nothing to do with the quality of your product. I'm sure I would have gotten many more years of service from it as it is almost in original condition even after ten years of use.

The lady who I spoke with was exceedingly helpful on the phone and arranged for me to get a discounted replacement for my 16 X 20 filter. I'm also ordering another filter for my 16 X 16 air conditioning intake. Having both a great product AND outstanding customer service is so unusual these days. I really appreciate your product and customer service and will let my neighbors know about your LifeTime electrostatic air filters. I can't believe your products are not offered in the major hardware stores because it would be clearly cheaper to use your product not to mention the significant advantage in the abilities of your filter over the typical paper filter. Thanks again for your product and outstanding customer service.

Tim in Texas

Recently I visited the home of a friend and remarked on the air quality and dust free environment. He told me the improvement was due to the installation of a LifeTime electrostatic filter and gave me your contact information.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to arrange shipment of your LifeTime electrostatic filters to my location in Breaux Bridge, LA.

Pat in Louisiana

I want to tell you how much your electrostatic filters have affected my health. I talked my boss into buying one for the office, as the building is old and there is loads of dust, mildew, and other allergens floating around, plus the fact that he does enjoy smoking. I coughed, sneezed and stayed so stuffed up I could hardly talk. After only a week, there is such a difference, I hardly have any coughs, sneezes and my lungs do not hurt anymore. I can't even tell when my boss is smoking anymore.

The clients that call in think we have a new receptionist, as I can talk like a normal person now. This is why I am ordering some for my home, because when I walk out the door in the afternoons I can feel the congestion begin, and by the time I get home 3 miles away, I am already coughing. I have spent the last few nights on the couch, because I cannot lie down to sleep. I am allergic to medications, therefore your product is my only relief. You just don't know what that means to me. Now I will be able to enjoy going home as much as going to work, because I know I will feel great!!!

Thank you again for your kindness and great customer service.

Ginny in California

I purchased a 16x25 LifeTime electrostatic filter from you in November, 1991. There had been two cats in the home up to July, 2005, and now there is one. I recently replaced the complete air conditioning system in my home. Both the air conditioning contractor and I were very surprised to find the inside coil clean. This was the original inside unit (24 years old), and it had not been cleaned in the 15 years that I have been in the property. The contractor said he had never seen one this clean. I attributed the good condition to your LifeTime filter and that fact that I do clean the filter monthly.

Thank you for manufacturing such a superior product.

Andrew in Texas

I was first introduced to LifeTime electrostatic air filters when replacing the air conditioner unit on my California home in 1998. With two large Irish Setters having access to one room in the home there was a bit of a pet dander problem. The LifeTime made a noticeable difference in the indoor air quality as well as the amount of dust and pet dander build-up on the furniture.

I have sold hundreds of these electrostatic air filters to customers, friends and family since '98 and have yet to receive a single complaint or negative comment regarding these high quality, USA made electrostatic air filters. Although my family does not suffer from allergies, allergy suffering customers give the LifeTime electrostatic air filters high praise. Replace your air filter(s) with a LifeTime electrostatic air filter today and never replace a cheap paper filter again!

Jeff Otto, LTD