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Lifetime electrostatic HAVC filter replacements are permanent, washable and backed by a lifetime warranty

What causes allergies and how the LifeTime electrostatic air filter helps allergy suffers with proper indoor air filtration

Somewhere around 40% of the US population suffers from some form of allergy with annual medical costs exceeding 4 billion dollars a year in the US.

Your immune system’s job is to attack harmful foreign substances like bacteria and viruses, but with allergies your immune system is basically reacting to a false alarm. So what causes allergies is your immune system’s reaction to the mostly harmless substances we all breathe in everyday, such as ragweed, dander, mold spores, pollen spores and dust mite particles, etcetera. As we breathe in one of these substances the immune system reacts by generating a large amount of the antibody immunoglobin. The most commonly used over the counter medication to combat allergic reactions is antihistamines. Filter your homes air properly with a LifeTime electrostatic air filter and save the antihistamines for your outdoor activities.

The LifeTime electrostatic filters out up to 100% of allergy causing substances
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